Is it Advisable to Buy Xanax Without a Prescription?

Is it Advisable to Buy Xanax Without a Prescription? Whenever a controlled substance is advertised for purchase without the need for a prescription it is never a good sign. Therein lies the potential for abuse and encouragement of criminal activity. This is not an overstated summation. The proliferation of Xanax onlinee sales has facilitated its abuse by young and old, male and female and increased the amount of emergency cases of prescription drug abuse by over 300% within 2 years. In view of that alarming number it is safe to say that it is not advisable to buy Xanax without a prescription. Now it is noted that today many families are forced to exist without the benefits of a comprehensive medical and prescription drug plan and as a result do not have access to either a medical doctor or the medicines that they need. We mention this because there may be some out there that have a legitimate reason for seeking to purchase Xanax without a prescription.

There is a need for concern because Xanax is a controlled substance for a reason. Not unlike psychedelic and stimulant drugs it is highly addictive. Because of this reality consultation with a doctor before starting on a regular regimen is vital. Yes lives are at stake, namely yours. Xanax was designed with a rapid delivery system to provide virtually instantaneous relief but with a half-life of only about 3-5 hours, for non-prescription street grade, the system burns it up and starts craving for more even before the next scheduled dose is due. With brand and even approved generic counterparts the half-life is 6-10 hours, a considerable difference. Half-life means the number of hours it takes for the medication to completely leave the system.

With prescription Xanax there is the risk of dependence, tolerance and withdrawal. The key difference is that since the medication was properly prescribed by a physician you can return to your physician and report any symptoms that you are feeling. Your physician will most likely adjust the dosage gradually or provide you with a supplemental medication to ease the effects of the symptoms. Without the benefits of a medical doctor or prescription your options are bleak.

Another disadvantage to buying Xanax without a prescription is the possibility of being cheated, as in losing your money, or receiving a product that is so diluted that it doesn’t even make an impact on your symptoms at all. Remember, places that do not require a prescription are operating outside of the law and therefore are not subject to sanctions that ensure adherence to sound business practices. A diluted product could also create health complications.

If you do not have health insurance there are options for you to explore. There are community wellness centers that offer professional medical care at a reduced cost. Do not give into the illegal tactics of online sites that sell Xanax without a prescription.

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